Wednesday, September 24, 2008

S/S 09' Trend - "SHEER GENIUS"

This trend has really caught my eye so I thought I should let you all know about it. The use of layered sheer fabrics is going to be huge for Spring. We have seen this technique used in New York, London and Milan and I am sure Paris is going to follow suit. I think it's a great look for where fashion is going today. Things are becoming more simple while still making bold statements and I think this a great trend that will be picked up in some way by the masses. Now of course everyone will not walk around in sheer tops (HOPEFULLY!) but as you will see in some of the images below, designers have put forward very interesting ways one could take this trend and make it their own.
(Image to the right is Charles Anastase)

Antonio Marras

Armand Basi

Charles Anastase
Chris Kane
Jeremy Laing
Jill Stuart
Vera Wang

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