Thursday, September 25, 2008

Basso & Brooke put Berlin Fashion Week on the map!

New York, London, Milan and Paris; the fashion capitals of the world. This has been drilled in our heads for years and unfortunately it has caused many of great talents to be over-looked. Do we really believe that relevant talent only exists in the Fab Four? Of course not! Where is the press on the fashion weeks of South Africa, Dubai, Madrid and Berlin? Are they not relevant? I would have to disagree.

Something you may have missed....

Bruno Basso & Chris Brooke of the design house Basso & Brooke, who usually show their collection in London; actually teamed up over the summer to create an amazing collection for Berlin Fashion Week. The collection was STUNNING! I would describe it as "Extreme maxi-maximalism with a tribal feel".

This collection needs to be seen by ALL. It will open the eyes of many people and prove that relavant fashion does exist in other countries; which in turn will expose us to more talent and different perspectives on fashion. All in all strengthening our talent and outlook on the world.

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