Thursday, September 25, 2008


Matthew Williamson took his last bow as artistic director of Emilio Pucci earlier today. He will be replaced by Peter Dundas on October 1st. We have known about Williamson's decision to leave Pucci for a while now. It has been said that he was leaving the brand to work on the expansion of his own self-titled label "Matthew Williamson". While i believe this is true, I always knew there was more to the story.

For the past couple of seasons there have been some criticisims that the Pucci line and the Matthew Williamson line look VERY similar. Besides the obvious Pucci print, there has not been anything distinctive that seperated Pucci from Matthew Williamson. Now, I do not believe Williamson was terminated from Pucci, however, I do believe that it was a mutual decision for him to leave the brand.

Karl Lagerfeld, Marc Jacobs and John Galliano along with multiple other designers all work on more than 1 line per season. Somehow they manage to keep the lines pretty distinctive. When looking at Fendi and Chanel, it is not obvious that the same man (Lagerfeld) designed both of them.

Check out the images below of Matthew Wiliamson's S/S 09 Collection alongside Pucci's S/S 09' collection. You will notice the similarities

(Pucci on left; Matthew Williamson on right)

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