Tuesday, September 23, 2008

PRADA S/S 2008

“The idea was to move away from all the fussy, couture-derived fashion that I think has become too heavy and overexploited,” Miuccia Prada said before her S/S 2009 collection debuted.

The idea behind the collection was primitive and archaic, yet sophisticated. While the collection was not at all GREAT, Miuccia really knows how to translate her vision. If you recall the S/S 08 collection with the incredible artwork that so many people hated; and the A/W 08 collection with the use of a tremendous amount of lace, you will understand that when Miuccia is inspired by something she knows how to move the idea from her mind onto the runway.

One thing that I found interesting is how she de-ladified the Prada woman. Last season was all about a chic, sophisitacted woman with a hint of romance while this season we saw bra, after bra being exposed. This is the one piece of the show that I actually loved. I always love her idea of what she believes the modern woman is willing to wear and how she consistantly reinvents the Prada woman.

Moving on to the shoes in the collection, which as you know caused a few trips and falls on the runway. The mile-high platforms strapped on over what appeared to be Prada’s take on Peds might have been impressive if the models could actually walk in them. I love a great scultural chunky and clunky shoe but it is very important for the girl to be able to walk in it. What does it say to have girls who are paid to walk in the shoes, unable to do so?

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