Tuesday, September 23, 2008

D&G Spring 2009

The D&G Spring/Summer 2009 Collection frightened me. Not because it was bad but because I usually can look at a collection and easily understand the inspiration or thought process behind it. This collection was very different.

Immediately I noticed the
obvious sailor girl feel that the collection has, however, I also noticed some sportswear, metallics, and silhouettes that did not translate as "sailor". While others may say that this means the collection was not cohesive, I would in this instance have to disagree.

The D&G brand has grown tremendously over the past few seas
ons and the D&G girl is not a one-note character. She is a chamillion, she is ecletic, edgy, creative, sexy and most importantly she likes to have fun. This collection proves just that.

Now of course, this was not AT ALL the best D&G collection ever; there were a few looks that were a bit BLAH! and other's that made me saw AHHH! Once the collection is broken down piece by piece, I feel the true potential of it will shine.

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