Monday, September 29, 2008

Amen, Rick Owens!

Rick Owens' S/S 09' collection was themed "Priestesses of Longing". I found it to be very interesting. I have a love for eastern designers who pull inspiration from the west; in this case, western religion. For the first time, I feel Owens gave us a collection that is extremely wearable. I would actually go on the limb of saying the very high majority of the collection is wearable. While the nun headpieces and the slouchy footwear seem quite dramatic, the actual garments are a bit more refined.

The color palette was simple, either all black or all gray. However, there seemed to be an overall lightness to the collection. Typically when designers use all-black for a collection, they tend to lose the chic and read a bit gothic. This did not. It was sexy, sophisticated street that segued into a more covered-up moment; which still had an overall chicness.

I am curious as to what Demeulemeester and Yamamoto will show? Will we see this more reformed girl or should we expect that signature girl who is a bit grungy and gothic?

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