Friday, September 26, 2008


We all remember the all-black Vogue Italia published a few months back. I would have thought this would have opened the doors allowing more black models to walk in the Milano shows. I was wrong.

The Milano shows continue to be the most undiverse of all major fashion capitals. I know it sounds weird because everytime you hear of a black model "breaking barriers" it seems to take place in Milano; Chanel Iman in Gucci and Jourdan Dunn in Versace and Prada. However, these are only 2 black models who are working major shows; in the country that just gave us an all-black Vogue. Interesting, no?

I will go on record and state, I am not one who believes that black girls should rule the runway and take over the modeling industry. To be honest, I believe designers have the right to choose who they want in their shows. As a black person, if you are offended by the designers choices, you have the right to not support that designer by not purchasing his/her merchandise. I find it very ironic that black people complain about shows like Gucci not using black girls yet, if you walk into the NYC Gucci Flagship, the majority of the consumers are black. I believe if you want something to change you must stand up for the cause. I know Gucci makes some amazing handbags, but don't give hundreds and thousands of dollars to a brand and then turn around and complain that the designers are racist.

Moving on....I just want to point out a few statistics from a few of the Milano shows.

Kudos to Bottega Veneta who really stands out in a positive way; they used 4 black models and 1 Asian model in their S/S 09 show.
Gucci Prada, Fendi, Missoni and Versace all had only 1 black model; while Giorgio Armani, Marni and Jil Sander had no Black or Asian models at all.

Hopefully, things turn around in Paris.


  1. I have seen your work, you dont use any black models yourself. We all make a difference. even you.

  2. You are right! We all do make a difference and as the blog states; We all have the right to choose who we want to work with.

    When I am shooting something that I think calls for a black model; I will use a black model. Until then, I will not be forced to shoot a black model simply because she is black.

    However, there are some black models who I have been inspired by and I have reached out to work with yet at the time they were committed to other assignments; (example: Kinee D.)