Thursday, October 2, 2008

Viktor & Rolf Spring 2009 - SCREW THE MAYHEM!!

No invitations! No seating charts! No traffic jams! No endless waiting! Don't you wonder why? Well of course, I will tell you.

This season Viktor & Rolf decided not to have an actual runway presentation. They opted to do a web-show. Which actually was VERY cool. The coolest thing you will notice is that when you watch the show; there is only 1 model! Yep, the great Shalom Harlow was the only model in the Viktor & Rolf show. I bet you are so confused. Well remember in the world of digital technology, anything is possible.

It took two-and-a-half days to shoot Shalom Harlow and a team of 57 to insert her along with her clones along the virtual runway. At the finale, the "models" stood in array clapping before dissolving into so many pixels and evaporating into the digital air.

Overall, the concept overshadowed the looks. There were only 21 looks in the collection and while there were some great pieces, overall none of them delivered a real WOW factor.

You can view the 1-woman runway show here: Viktor & Rolf s/s 09' show


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  1. the show was brilliant...viktor and rolfs designs are so wounderfully wiered, you cant help but jade sanchez