Monday, October 6, 2008

MIU MIU S/S 09 - Ends Paris Fashion Week

Miuccia Prada had the honor of closing Paris Fashion Week on Sunday night. She ended with none other than her ever-so-fabulous Miu Miu collection. While indeed it was an honor to end Paris Fashion Week, imagine how stressful it was. She had to manage to keep the attention of hundreds of stressed out, over-worked editors and buyers. However, I was sure that Miuccia of all people could handle the pressure.

The show was a bit quirky and thought-provoking, thus managing to keep the attention of the stressed out crowd. Prada took a lot of her inspiration from the 1980's; however, unlike other designers who were also inspired by the 1980's she managed to get away from the glitz and glam and gave us something unexpected - graffiti art mixed with a
hint of Japanese culture and pleats galore!

We saw really interesting layering techniques, if you really pay attention, you will notice that some of the layering and pleating techniques are quite similar to those of Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garcons. Nonetheless, they managed to look original and unlike many of Kawakubo's designs, they managed to look ULTRA feminine.

We saw really interesting sheaths, which felt wretched and broken-down yet managed to come off polished and again, feminine. However, hands down the most captivating pieces were the rich Roman mosaic prints; they were AMAZING - TO DIE!

Miuccia finds great charm and beauty in the European history, so if you noticed she used some great glossy, satin-like prints that were very reminiscent of the European classical era. She also gave reverence to the aristocrats, noblewoman and patricians of European culture with this sort of spray-painted "graffitied" effect of lips and splashes of pink on some of the dresses; it was like old school street graffiti made modern. I thought it was brilliant and a splendid way to end the week.

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