Sunday, October 5, 2008

Louis Vuitton s/s 09' - French Urban Chic!

"Less is more", right? Not according to Mr. Marc Jacobs. With the Louis Vuitton s/s 09' collection, Marc decided to pull his inspiration from the high style of his second home city - Paris!

As fashion has become so minimalistic, Jacobs took a page from Asian and African culture (which has profoundly influenced French style) and piled on the accessories in this collection. This collection had tons of everything! Tons of feathers, tons of fabric mixes, tons of bangles, tons of textures, tons of handbags and tons of bells, whistles and beads on shoes.

We also saw more "real" clothes, clothes that the average woman may wear; jackets, skirts, sweaters, jersey dresses and even polka-dotted pajama pants. One thing that I can say is despite the depressing economic hardship we are going through, these clothes really make you feel good and eager to buy ---- certain pieces.

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  1. their little skirts were fantastic !!! lovin it