Friday, October 17, 2008

Madonna's secret weapon...

Remember these shoes from the Resort 2009 Karl Lagerfeld collection? I hope so because they were the highlight of the show. Well, Madonna must have felt they were pretty sick, so of course she got her a pair and wore them to a screening of her film Filth and Wisdom Monday night in New York.

Apparently a British anti-violence group is in outrage with Madonna. They believe celebrities have a huge influence on today's youth and seeing that more and more young people are dying day to day; they believe Madonna should know better than to wear these. - What do you think?

Honestly, I am all for non-violence but I don't find anything wrong with Madonna wearing the shoes. They are just that ----- shoes! Madonna feels they are fashionable so why not allow her to wear them? It's not like she had a gun in her waistband, they are obviously funky shoes and that's all. I don't feel there is an underlying message behind them that will make the youth go out and want to shoot people .

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