Friday, October 17, 2008

Anna Wintour - Attends the Debate? - TO DIE!!!

Okay so for those who know me, you know that I am a politics whore! My TV is tuned to CNN all day; every day. Apparently, Anna Wintour is into politics as well. On Wednesday night, Anna was spotted in the crowd at the final presidential debate of 2008 - How fabulous is that?

I really hope our community realizes that there is so much more to life than fashion, fierceness and fabulosity. It is important to be educated and aware of the world around us. It is important to indulge ourselves in stimulating environments and conversations. Simply put, it is important to be smart.

I don't believe Anna went to the debates to make a political statement, however, she has made one and hopefully it inspires other to get more involved and get out and VOTE!

Sidebar: Let me point out she was not sitting anywhere near the front row - and doesn't she seem super happy? She looks much more intimidating when she is sitting front row!

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