Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Karl Lagerfeld S/S 09' - Rock out!

We all know that Karl Lagerfeld is the designer behind Fendi and Chanel right? Well, I find it strange that in the United States people tend to not realize that Karl Lagerfeld also designs for another line. The line of "Karl Lagerfeld". Yes, it's true. It's so weird because I never see Karl Lagerfeld's collection used in editorials and it's always quite interesting. I always enjoy this collection because it is true Karl Lagerfeld style. The girls are usually rocked out and the collection is always really cool and funky.

Today Karl debuted his S/S 09' collection and of course, it did not disappoint. There was a consistent use of these really innovative patent leather corsets/belts that were to die for. The punk-rock styling which is consistent with the collection, some how felt new. I don't understand how he does it but he can continue to make the same thing look and feel new (ie: Chanel box cut blazer). He primarily used black, white and silver but we sporadically saw a few prints, the use of navy and in one occasion a really beautiful soft rose color.

Interesting necklines are always a Karl speciality and some of them in this collection were quite eye-pleasing. The shapes were familiar, sometimes innovative in the end but overall, they have been seen before. One thing that I found rather fabulous was the handbag with the image of Lagerfeld on it. Angela Lindvall came out, bag up to her face and eyes peeping through. At first I admit it looked rather silly but in the end Lagerfeld is such an icon, the bag is going to sell. Just hopefully, the person who buys it does not feel the need to walk around the streets with her eyes peeping through the bag.

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